Advance Fitness Story

Starting out on the back of a successful marketing business assisting the fitness industry, we turned our passion and brand into a 24/7 ‘full facility’ fitness concept. Our aim has been to create “gyms with the lot”. Exciting full-facility gyms, comprising of world-class strength & cardio training equipment, plus a huge range of exciting group fitness classes. We also offer premium training services including Boot Camp and Personal Training. The goal is to offer a full range of fitness services under one roof – with options to suit all budgets and fitness levels. A place where the whole family can work on their fitness goals. With more to choose from, members can try new things and keep their training fresh. By maintaining the ‘fun’, members keep training, keep getting results and keep coming.

Our secret to success? Our streamlined conversion strategy and industry knowledge has enabled us to convert existing or failing gyms and open new gyms under the Advance Fitness brand name. We have seen solid growth since our first opening in 2011. Now with six existing gyms – two in New Zealand and a further four in Australia – we’re ready to expand our footprint and give even more people the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our aim is to offer a fun, friendly and comfortable place to workout – a gym where no one will ever feel judged or intimidated. As part of our growth plans, we’re searching for fit and outgoing franchisees enthusiastic about providing outstanding customer service, to own and operate new and converted gyms across the country.

Franchise Opportunity

Advance Fitness is shaping the fitness industry in a new way, with an extra emphasis on positivity. Advance Fitness is the gym for everybody, it’s the gym for creating life-changing stories – it’s the gym for you!

We intend to solidify our brand and presence across both New Zealand and Australia, with a focus on regional as well as metropolitan areas.

What does it take to become an Advance Fitness Franchisee?

Contact our recruitment team for a confidential discussion and learn about the available locations.

Our Values

Get more out of life

At Advance Fitness, we want our franchisees as well as our clients to get the most out of life. Whether that be increasing your revenue as an Advance Fitness franchisee, or living an active and healthy lifestyle as a member, we understand that everybody has different goals and we are here to help you address them, and most importantly achieve them.

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Work Hard Play Hard

Advance Fitness is all about balance. Yes, you are going to have to work hard and be dedicated to the brand, but we also believe in having fun and rewarding yourself for smashing goals. Balance is a word that you will hear often across all of our gyms and in our head office. The way that we live and breathe will influence our clients and have a carry-on effect.

Best of the best

From our booking systems, to our equipment and all the way through to our fitness instructors, we believe in the best. We know that in order to serve our members to our highest ability, we need to be equipped with the best of the best. By having reliable technology and advanced equipment, it allows us to focus on what is important – customer service and building relationships.

Advance Fitness Community

Being a family is everything to us, both on an internal level and external basis. The reason that our members keep on coming back, is because they feel included and like they belong. For us, community means creating a space where everyone feels safe, happy and comfortable. We do not tolerate behaviour that contradicts our community values.

Team Bios

Advance Fitness was founded by two experts in their field. Tash and Clayton built the business from the bottom right to the top. ​With a combined total of 40 years in the fitness industry, they have perfected their gym business model and it’s raring for growth. ​They have worked tirelessly to grow the Advance Fitness 24/7 gym concept and have refined the brand’s mission into what it is today.

Clayton Sinclair

Clayton is responsible for overseeing the Advance Fitness franchisee selection, site selection, fit out and assisting Franchisees on a day-to-day basis. He has operated the business on which the Gym Franchise System is based for the last 7 years. Prior to this, Clayton owned and operated Advance Fitness Marketing across Australasia.

His experience in the fitness industry and having operated Advance Fitness gyms has enabled him to develop a strong understanding of what is needed to operate and grow a highly efficient gymnasium and fitness centre.

Tash Sinclair

Tash focuses on business growth and the marketing elements of the business, specifically the strategies, processes, campaigns and action plans which have proved to be the key foundations for turning around struggling or plateaued gym businesses. Her determination and valuable experience has proved to be a constant success, time and time again.

Tash is a key part of the expansion strategy and is involved in site selection for the Advance Fitness franchising campaign. Her experience in the fitness industry and clear understanding of what it takes to transform a failing gym and increase memberships sales, makes her the secret weapon in this thriving business.

Are You A Good Fit?

We are looking for​ fit ​and outgoing people enthusiastic about providing outstanding customer service. Franchisees will be expected to work in the business as committed owner-operators and be present in the day-to-day operations, whether that be taking classes themselves, or running the front desk for a few hours a week. We’d love to have a natural people-person onboard, someone who can build lasting relationships with members, but is also capable of following systems and procedures.

Advance Fitness has gained an exceptional reputation in Australasia for our excellent customer service, friendly atmosphere and high standards of equipment. We expect our franchisees to maintain and improve those standards, which is to be achieved through:

Maintaining an energetic and welcoming environment by motivating staff to be cheerful and keeping customers happy. Customer service is key to the success of the current Advance Fitness gyms.

Showing genuine care to all gym members, is the philosophy we believe in. Having a passion for providing the most exciting and supportive place for members to work on their health & fitness goals.

Ensuring that all industry requirements are met to the highest standard including safety, cleanliness and hygiene.

Systems and processes have been refined and put in place to ensure that logistics and operations run smoothly for franchisees, staff and trainers and members of the gym. This will need to be precisely implemented across all gyms.

We have built a unique Advance Fitness culture and lasting relationships within the community. Community involvement and being an influential representative within your local area is an important service standard that we expect franchisees to uphold. This is how we stay on top of our competitors and gain respect from locals.

Benefits of Joining the
Advance Fitness Squad

Franchisees will benefit from joining a growing and successful business network that is striving to be the best full facility 24/7 gym franchise in Australia and New Zealand. Our aim is to help franchisees succeed by ensuring ongoing support, clear marketing strategies and advanced technology systems.

Franchisees will also benefit from ongoing guidance and support within the business, including:


We offer a flexible business structure where your level of involvement can be agreed upon to suit your lifestyle and needs. While we need you to be present, committed and determined, we are happy for you to select your work hours to fit around family or other commitments. Our business model is also adaptable and we have variations to suit location, price point and commitment levels.


The franchisors both come from a fitness marketing and sales background. In fact, Advance Fitness started as a company that specialised in just that. Tash and Clayton have the expertise and know-how to make any gym thrive and their proven track record is real evidence of this, they have limitless examples of success.

Multisite Ownership

The franchisors are all about seeing franchisees grow and develop a broad network. The team fully support and encourage multi-site ownership. This means that if a neighbouring region is up for grabs, franchisees will be presented with an exclusive opportunity for ownership of the additional location.

Invested Franchisors

Tash & Clayton are passionate franchisors – they have put blood, sweat and tears into the brand and are prepared to take extra efforts to ensure that all franchised and company-owned gym locations succeed. They will be there to celebrate wins with franchisees and to problem-solve with the Advance Fitness Squad!

Territory Planning

When you purchase an Advance Fitness franchise, you are buying the rights to a region or area where special consideration has been given by the franchisor to identifying potential opportunities for success based on population demographics and the competitive landscape in the area. This leverages the franchisor’s vast experience in building up gym memberships across several different regions across Australia and New Zealand. This will give franchisees a leg up and confidence in potential growth ability in the territories offered.

Establishment Cost

The​ ​cost​ ​for​ ​setting​ ​up​ ​​a​n Advance Fitness Gym franchise ​ranges​ ​between​ ​$250,000​ ​and $500,000.​ Final​ ​establishment​ ​costs​ ​will​ ​vary​, ​depending​ ​on​ ​the location​ ​and whether a greenfield site or brand conversion is being considered. We also offer a conversion strategy which matches Franchisees with the opportunity to own and operate an existing gym that will be converted to a fully equipped Advance Fitness 24/7 gym.

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