We are excited to be able to share some of the successes that our members have enjoyed through training at Advance Fitness.

We hope that you find these stories as inspiring as we do...





Member of the Month - Bianca

* Join us in congratulating our Member of the Month, Bianca Bel’Almo!  Bianca joined Advance Fitness wanting a change in lifestyle, weight loss and strength gains. At first, Bianca was unsure whether she could make a commitment to training regularly as she had never enjoyed exercise in the past. However Bianca is one of our most committed members as you will find her in Club 5-6 days per week!  


Bianca enjoys working out with a group of friends from her work and loves the classes at Advance Fitness as “they are always different and interesting”.  "So far I have lost 12.5kg and increase my fitness significantly, plus I've dropped 2 dress sizes..."  Bianca also comments that she feels more “confident and full of energy!”


Bianca would say to those thinking about getting started to “just try your best and give anything a go, the classes are a great way to get started.” She also encourages others to “be consistent in your attendance.” 


Well done Bianca, we look forward to seeing you continue on your happy fitness journey! 



Jenny B

"I just want to express my sincere gratitude to you all for the supportive environment you have created at Advance Fitness.  It's very daunting to take that first step to try and make changes in your life, but I have never once been made to feel uncomfortable about myself at Advance. 

I enjoy the people, the programmes you have on offer, the laughs and most importantly the 10kg weight loss and dropping a dress size in only 8 weeks!!

May you see less of me in the future (pun intended)  :)"

- Jenny Beer  *







Member of the Month Northside - Marjolie

* Congratulations to Member of the Month, Marjolie Brennan!


Marjolie hasn’t felt this good since she was 15 and attributes her progress to the friendly atmosphere within the Club and the support and training programs she has received from the staff.  Marjolie says: "I've lost 24kg, built up a good base of muscle and can now lift double what I could when I started..."


Marjolie says she hasn’t felt this good since she was 15 and attributes her progress to the friendly atmosphere within the Club and the support and training programs she has received from the staff.


What does Marjolie say to anyone thinking about getting started? “It’s the best thing you can do for yourself!” She hopes that her dedication to a healthy lifestyle will impact positively on her children and to those around her.


Well done Marjolie!





Member of the Month

* We would like to congratulate our Member of the Month – Anthony Sheridan! 

In addition to his amazing weight loss, Anthony has also improved his general health and fitness is feeling great! Anthony's training includes a variety of the group fitness classes including SPIN and Body Pump and more recently our Boot Camp Program. Clearly, Anthony has been putting in the work and the results are the reward.


We asked Anthony what he liked most about the Club? “The friendly atmosphere, variety of classes on offer and seeing other members achieving great results.”


And what would say to someone thinking about getting started at Advance Fitness? "Never think it’s too late to improve yourself, have confidence in yourself the end result will be rewarding!!"



BTC Winner Lisa

"Stop thinking about it and just do it!" 


* A big congratulations to Lisa who has won our 12 week Bootcamp Body Transformation Challenge and takes home the $500 prize!


Lisa put in a huge effort every week and her results show it.  We asked Lisa about her results during the challenge... "I lost 6.8kgs, plus took a huge 51.5cm off my total body measurement and had great fitness and strength gains as well!"


For anyone who is thinking about trying out the Bootcamp program Lisa says: "Stop thinking and just do it!"  




Body Transformation Challenge - Robyn

"Go for it, it's a great challenge!" *


Congratulations to Robyn who has finished 2nd in our 12 week Boot Camp Body Transformation Challenge!


We asked Robyn to give us a run down of the results she achieved through her hard work and dedication:  "I've dropped 6.7kg and my body measurements reduced by 54cm..."


For anyone who is thinking about trying out the Boot Camp program Robyn says  "Go for it, it is a great challenge!" 





Body Transformation Challenge - Jade

 "You wont regret it!" *


Jade has finished 3rd in our 12 week Bootcamp Body Transformation Challenge and takes home $200! Great work!!


Jade put in a great effort every week and got great results, which she says included:  "I lost 6.1kgs, plus 36cm off my total body measurement and had big fitness and strength gains as well!" 


For anyone who is thinking about trying out the Bootcamp program Jade says "Do it! You won't regret it" 





"This is the place to go!!!" 


"Anybody wanting to change their lives for the better?? This is the place to go!!!"


- Tawhiri Kakau  *



"Betty recieving her Advance Fitness drink bottle! 


She is young at 87 and has been coming rain, hain or shine 3 days a week since June 04!!


- Betty  *











"The Group PT Training was a fantastic way for me to lose weight and get to a level of fitness that I have not been able to achieve for almost 20 years.  Evan certainly has a knack for getting ‘buy in’ from all participants, the results say as much."


"I was lucky to also have a fantastic and fun group of fellow participants, really made it more enjoyable. Great results if you are willing to commit for a short time. It has changed my mindset towards diet and exercise. Thanks to Evan and Jason at Advance Sunbury, the health benefits and confidence I have gathered along the journey have been life changing."

- Mick  *


Tara-Pirotta*A big congratulations to Advance Fitness Sunbury member, Tara who recently competed at her first body building competition.

Tara came away with:
2nd in the Figure Open Rookie of the Year
2nd in the Figure Novice Rising Star &
5th in the Figure International Divisions.
Well done Tara!



* Well done Tracey - second in first-ever comp!!!


Very proud of what you were able to achieve! Just shows having Discipline, Positive Attitude & Committment can take you a long way!











"...The classes are awesome, the instructors are fantastic - the instructors are really motivating, helpful and make the classes a lot of fun as well as a bloody good workout! I will be attending Advance Fitness for a long time to come.


I'm pleased to say with the help of these awesome trainers and instructors motivating us to work our hardest and keep coming to the gym and the classes - I managed to lose 10kgs for our workplace Biggest Loser competition! I've still got quite a bit of weight to lose and a long way to go - but I know the guys at Advance Fitness will be there to help me on my journey to a thinner, fitter, toned me!


I would definitely recommend the gym to anyone looking for a gym with great classes and friendly and helpful instructors/trainers!"


- Nadene Winchester  *




* Note:  All of the results noted above have been achieved by our members through dedication to their training and diet.  Results may vary from person to person.


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