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AFX is the ultimate, results-driven, 45-minute functional fitness program brought to you by Advance Fitness.  

AFX is based on HIIT, cardio and strength-based training principles. This team based, motivation packed training program will help get you the results you want, FAST!

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Kim McFarlane lost an incredible 19kg in just 12 weeks and is now enjoying the benefits! “I achieved my biggest goal to lose weight, get fitter, and actually play with my children at the park which I used to struggle with daily. I have self confidence knowing I can succeed if I put my mind to it. I have never felt more comfortable than here (AFX). It got me out of my shell. Best feeling ever!” **

Preston lost a massive 18kg in 12 weeks and made dramatic increases in his overall fitness. “I have noticed my heart rate is able to stay at a high rate from longer. An extra bonus is my knees are stronger… I just feel better! I sleep better, which gives me better work/ home performance! To anyone wanting to give it a go, push through the first week and the rewards will outweigh everything else." **

Dylan lost 15kg in 12 weeks and said that after a few weeks of doing AFX, he felt like a different person. “I am able to concentrate for longer periods and my energy levels have increased! My increase in fitness has made a massive difference on the Football field as well… Jump in and start ASAP, you won't regret it.”  **

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