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Success Stories
We are excited to share the success that our members have enjoyed while training at Advance Fitness. Check out these life changing stories ...
Advance Fitness 24/7 Gym Success Story

“I achieved my biggest goal to lose weight, get fit, and play with my children at the park which I used to struggle with. I have self-confidence knowing that I can succeed… I’ve never felt more comfortable than here. Best feeling ever!”

Kim McFarlane

Advance Fitness 24/7 Gym Success Story

Preston lost 18kg in 12 weeks and increased his fitness dramatically!
“I sleep better which gives me better work/ home performance! To anyone wanting to give it a go, push through the first week and the rewards will follow.”

Preston Miskelly

Advance Fitness 24/7 Gym Success Story

“Since changing my lifestyle and losing 38kg, I feel amazing! I have more energy to get me through my busy days and my confidence has really improved. My previous injuries no longer hold me back from training and I can run again!”

Anita Jardine

Advance Fitness 24/7 Gym Success Story

“Meeting like-minded people has been great and the instructors and trainers always push you to achieve your goals… Fitness changes your whole lifestyle for the better! We have a lot more energy and feeling better about our body image.”

Tracey & Colin Mayman

Advance Fitness Sunbury Gym Success Story

Leigh dropped his body fat to an impressive 12.3% and gained 5.7kg of muscle mass in just 12 weeks.
“I’m most pleased with my upper body strength and leg gains which have made the physical activity I do at work a lot easier.”

Leigh Hudson

Advance Fitness 24/7 Gym Success Story

“To date, I have lost 43kg. I have done this 100% through food and exercise alone. I am thankful I made the decision to change my life. I am healthier, fitter, stronger and more confident than I ever have been.”

Shurae Kendall